Cataclean Hybrid is a fuel and exhaust system cleaner. Cataclean® will remove the harmful carbon build-up in the valves, injectors, oxygen sensors, EGR valve, and catalytic convertor. By the nature of a hybrid system the engine cycle is “stop and start”. Cataclean® will also reduce the particulates in a PPF, preventing clogging. Cataclean® can improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, restore performance and extend the life of engine/exhaust parts.

Simply pour into your fuel tank every 3 months (or every 5000 km) and Cataclean® will remove harmful carbon and resin deposits. With long term use Cataclean® can protect against build-up and clogging which can prevent failure of your engine and exhaust system parts.

Cataclean® can assist with your LTA vehicle inspection by bringing down emissions by up to 60% – the difference between a pass and a fail.

Cataclean® increases MPG (miles per gallon) saving you money on your fuel. Plus by using Cataclean®, there is no need to use premium fuel, more savings to you.

Cataclean® will improve BHP, torque and throttle response, improving overall vehicle performance.

Directions of use

Remove seal before emptying entire contents of one bottle of Cataclean® Hybrid into fuel tank. Then drive for at least 15 minutes and refuel when necessary. Recommended ratio of one 500ml bottle of Cataclean® Hybrid to approximately 15 litres of fuel.

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  • Engine

  • Cylinder Heads

  • Intake Valves

  • Injectors

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Oxygen Sensors

  • Exhaust


  • Reduces emissions by up to 60%

  • Can prevent LTA emissions fail

  • Increases MPG saving you money at the pumps

  • Restores performance

  • Reduces air pollution

  • Patented formula 

  • Positive effect for STOP/START driving

  • Easy to use – simply pour into your fuel system

  • New COEX-HDPE bottle constructed for increased strength with no evaporation


XYLENE, Acetone, Propan-2-ol, Hydrocarbons, C11 – 14, N-Alkanes, Isoalkanes, Cyclic, <2% Aromatics

Clean, Restore & Protect Your Vehicle's Fuel And Exhaust System. Get Cataclean® Hybrid Today!
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